Tuesday, January 5, 2010

weekend sewing

Heather Ross' tote - in denim with vintage fabric lining. Perfect for life near a beach with a small one. May i never lose my keys again (it has a wee pocket inside).

I have had a few projects from Heather Ross’ book, Weekend Sewing, cut out and all ready to go under all my sewing pile of ‘things to do’ for months and months. They were to act as a carrot. Other things kept taking priority. I’d get ambushed by an unexpected birthday or friends. So! A new year ‘n’ all...i finally dug them out and sewed them. In a weekend no less. FYI: Weekend Sewing is the most gorgeous book y’all. I know it’s everywhere online but don’t be jaded...it’s everywhere for a reason. Simple good projects presented with a beautiful aesthetic. You can build onto her basics with flairs and tweaks of your own. I got it out from the library – the patterns were all there – and loved it so much i couldn’t bear to part with it and bought it.

Heather Ross' shirt in vintage floral lawn. Keeps that sun off.

Only thing is, when i sew for myself, i often gun it and the result is way less presentable than the immaculate creations i sell. Ahem. Kinda nice to let loose.

Jed modelling his new bag. Two going on twenty.

I enjoyed my seven days of blogging. Thanks for being there. I'd like to do it again, perhaps with a theme. Like following a campaign or project. We will see.

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  1. i also have a stack of these projects! Looks like you did a great job (these are two of mine, along with many others!) Thanks for your seven days... enjoyed!