Friday, February 19, 2010


Still into stick insects around here. "Awwww, he loves me mama".
"I am going to take him for a ride on my bike".
You know, with all the stick insect fraternising all summer there has not been one fatality . Not even a lost leg. (If they get too freaked out they can drop one and grow it back later - how cool is that?). This bundle of small person loves a 'rough and tumble' but is so gentle and loving. He hangs out with the stick insects awhile and puts them back where he found them. We have a rule though. No disturbing stick insects if they're mating. Because, well, some things are sacred aye?!
You need your stick insect eyes on to find them. They are good at hiding. This one is doing a good impression of being leaf veins.

Life was a flood of green today. This green dress leapt out at me from the opshop racks as i was innocently passing by minding my own business.

The garden is awash in greens and blasts of colour like Jed's dwarf sunflower. We've been besieged by vegetable bugs and caterpillars this year and its Jed's job to chase them off the vege's. A job he takes very seriously and makes for some highly amusing garden eavesdropping. Now if i could only work out a way to set up my sewing machine down there....

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