Monday, February 22, 2010


I do believe it was my first morning off since Jed was born two and a half years ago. I fled. Fast. Into town for a change of scene, to walk among the over-caffeinated and those with places to go. Strangest thing, there was no paint or food stains on anyone's clothes. Ah, except, quite possibly, mine.

I went to Salvage. A great little vintage textile shop in Mt Eden, Auckland. I've been trying to get there since i heard about it a year ago. Anything that boasts vintage, secondhand or fabric gets an eyebrow raise in my world but combine the three? Rummaging bliss. Buttons. Many buttons. Folks, this is your place to go for buttons. Most affordable and who can resist running their hands through baskets of them? (Okay, i know, a bit carried away)

I didn't spend much money (spending much more would be very easy to do but i need to source my fabric from the likes of second hand shops) but came away with my vintage pillowcase shopping bag jingling and bulging just a wee bit.

AND handkerchiefs. One for him and one for me. I haven't had much luck finding them secondhand and i do so love the vintage ones. We use them all the time.

So nice to trawl at my leisure. Count your blessings those of you with grannies and other extended family/tribe nearby for childsharing purposes. I am thinking of placing an ad...Local granny required to love and cherish small boy...

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