Thursday, February 25, 2010

seven days of blogging...celebrating the waning of summer

Such yumminess. The chubby hands AND the tomato.
I don't like eating raw tomato. I wish i did. Every year i try. Once i grew eighteen different varieties in search of the one i could love raw.
Apparently it was my first solid food. Perhaps that has a little something to do with it. I do love the weight of them. The red red of them bursting off the vines. The satisfied faces of those who love eating them. And i love boiling the crap out of them and making sauces and chutneys to crack open in the winter. That taste of summer, of garden fresh summer when its stormy outside...mmmm.

These are long evenings absconding from the craft table and the writing desk to eek out the last days of summer. Squeezing it out and relishing every minute. The cicada's are singing at their peek. The stick insects are retreating. The garden harvest is there for the picking. The swimming just right.

Join me in seven days of consecutive blogging to celebrate. Just because every day is worth celebrating. Spread the word, see you there.
(And let me know if you take up the blogging for seven days idea too!)

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