Wednesday, February 3, 2010

sneaky adventures on the crafting table

'Sneaky' adventures because there's been alot going on and i feel like i am sneaking in that creative time. My inner dialogue has been piping up and says i really should be doing X, X or X. You know the voice. The noise of the sewing machine drowns it out! He he. Try it. Ah well, getting into my creative zone oils the wheels of the daily grind. I am still deep in the 'finding the beauty in the ordinary, the magic in the mayhem' groove. The creative moments of upcycling and creating gives me the juice to keep on at it.

So! There were eleven projects in various stages of creative chaos on my crafting table a week ago and six left today. Fun stuff. Lots of new designs and some fantastical on-the-fly no preconceived ideas, late at night upcycling sessions. Here's one:

Was: a groovy patterned vintage table placemat. Fabric a lovely soft coarse weave linen.

Placemat is now: a handbag!

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