Saturday, February 6, 2010

upcycling away

Ain't she gorgeous? This is the lovely Ava, wearing her first birthday present. A tunic top created by her friend GrowMama. I don't often get to see the clothes i make on the little people they are gifted to and i just love it when i get to see the clothes i make come to life like this.

A huge fan of vintage fabrics (as you know), one of my favourite things to upcycle or re-purpose are vintage pillowcases and sheets. Even the well loved vintage sheets that are worn or faded in the middle have fabric that can be salvaged around the edges. I love this print on Ava's.

And would you lookee here?! A very successful rummage at the Op shop. I had a bunch of projects in mind and found fabric aka vintage sheets and pillowcases for every one.

I am on a bag jag. There are four new designs hot off the crafting table sporting most delicious vintage fabrics. And this sweet harvest bag. I'd been wanting a bag to take down to the garden to haul up vegetables and that would squish down in my other bag when i'm out and about. I don't like to use plastic bags and this is a great alternative. It's been getting loads of comments and a few commissions already. It's made out of a vintage pillow case. I used the structure of the existing pillowcase, boxed the corners to give it more shape, and used bias binding for the cut edges. Inspired work aye? Just don't zoom in as i realised after i took the pic that i hadn't finished sewing the binding. I think i'll try hemming the next one. I am feeling pretty pleased with myself about this one. Except someone said at a market this morning that they thought they'd seen a tutorial online somewhere for one very similar. Sigh.

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