Sunday, March 7, 2010

a find indeed

Dangerous for the stash working at a retro shop i tell you.

A beautiful deep forest moss green velvet with embroidered fancifulness. A frame no less. What on earth this may have been designed for i do not know. But i am mighty glad it has come to a good home.

Of course i am plotting how exactly to butcher it, and what precisely it might be upcycled into...hmmm. I love the designing dreaming up the project stage- whether it be textile, workshop or article.

The photos my camera took today are as fuzzy as my head feels today. Full of unresolved headcold. I suspect peanut butter may be the culprit for the camera lens.
I have blog posts lined up. Crafting feverishly into the night i have been. And quite possibly paying the price today. I just love that 'in the zone, time drops away and you look up and its ridiculous o'clock' thing...whether it be writing, crafting, campaigning or going at it with a fellow philospher friend.
{Lookee here: my etsy shop is go! - check it out. I'm a total newbie but determined to be a fast learner.
...and now, one of these days, 'promote blog and etsy shop' must come to dwell on the top of the to-do list.}

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