Tuesday, March 9, 2010

freeing my inner frou frou

While engaging in a late night art therapy session of 'working through some demons', i accidently freed my inner frou frou self. It erupted all over a bathmat i was working on.

When thoughts keep circling in my head and come to no peaceful resting place or useful conclusion, i either take long walks (limited possibilities of these being primary caregiver of small one), a long bath (being on tank water limits this one) or craft those thought demons into zenlike submission. It's a form of meditation. A way of processing emotional stuff that refuses to be shelved for another day. It works every time. The finished products are infused with a meaning and become symbols of that inner transformational work to remind me each time i use/see them.

I'll spare you the inner journey on this one but here is the result. A surprising one, even to me!
A bathmat a la frou frou. Been meaning to make one for awhile now. Well, a bathmat. The frou frou part was the surprising part. Inspired by a recent harvest of vintage sheets and Amanda Blake Soule's A handmade home book that recently visited my bedside table. Instead of Soulemama's towelling stripes i went floral...all the way and created these flowers with centres of vintage buttons. I, er, then went and sewed them on quilting style, but with spirals. It should be noted that i didn't use her instructions, just made it up as i went along. At no point did my tape measure come out. It feels soft and delicious underfoot, is superb at absorbing errant bathwater but has been deemed 'a bit over the top', 'frou frou' and greeted with a bit of er, surprise by some passing through the household.

It will remind me of summer all through the coming winter. Next towel i find in the opshop i'll repurpose into a bathmat slightly less frou frou and more manly retro- see how that goes down.

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