Thursday, March 25, 2010

from crafting to climate change

How my designs begin. (Actually, these sketches made it into my notebook, i have many on teeny bits of paper...scribbled waiting for the lights to turn green, in the library, in the middle of the night...). Inspiration strikes when she strikes. Gotta ride that moment. Even if it then gets shelved for another day.

A late night pattern making/cutting out session.
It was my sister's birthday and i wanted to craft her something special.

And this is it. The photo doesn't do the print justice, but you get the idea.
Just the bag when you do a quick market run (without a babe in arms and all the gear that goes with that scenario). Fits wallet, car keys or bikelock keys, cell phone and sports a wee pocket in the front for easy access to your list. The shoulder strap means you can tuck the bag behind you as you bike, or it sits nicely at the front. And, my signature vintage button.

Loving this second one i made too. I like the way this vintage fabric works with a smaller design bag. I don't usually give away or sell my prototypes in the early design stage. This one may have to live here for a trial run. But never fear: A series of other bags like these, in vintage fabric will be in store (and rolling off the kitchen table) shortly.

Just stumbled across this moms against climate change video - watch it and send it far and wide. An old activist from way back, it brings me back to the inner conversation i have about what more i can do in my often brain addled sleep deprived state with limited time. But that's another post!


  1. I would love to make bags just like this. Sewing makes me break out in a rash though, lol. But I love bags! These turned out great.

  2. thanks mon - i am pleased with them, and the pile that is halfway to manifesting on my sewing table too. and hey, i can post a tutorial if you feel inspired one day...just give me a nudge and i'll post one.

  3. and i LOVE my special goes everywhere with me...i love that it's small and perfectly formed and doesn't have a small pair of socks, a nappy and a half eaten banana in it! thanks my oh so creative sista-ness.