Wednesday, March 3, 2010

a morning's finds

This is a Jed stash after a brief rummage in a thrift shop. Even when tired he's got thrifting mojo working for him. Those tractors were way up high on a shelf, which, fixated on finding vintage sheets, mama failed to see, but small one here spotted them.

A hat for Henry. Newest most blessed baby in our extended tribe. May it keep you warm in the last blasts of the Virginian winter.

And one for Jed. Or someone. Woollen yumminess with applique cats. I think i may include a section in my online shops just for vintage baby and kids jumpers and jackets, i keep finding gorgeousness and a boy can only wear so much.

One for mama. This is the most amazing book. Dated 1939, in immaculate condition, and worth it's $2 many times over, it is actually very useful. Aside from being fascinating from a historical perspective. It was from before the time of machine buttonholes. Or velcro. Gasp.

An empty fabric roll. The best find yet. It's been a tunnel, a broom, a weedeater, a megaphone, a rollerskate, amongst other things. My personal favourite was the hours we spent firing coins down it and watching them roll fast out the end into various landing bays we built. Then marbles went down. Good clean fun. I'm just wondering how long i have before it starts being a sword or the g word. No TV around here so no modelling of guns, yet. I lived in a war zone thats going to be a hard one for me to get my head around i think.

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