Sunday, March 21, 2010

sleepless thrifting and crafternoon tea

I love how $1 can still be the door to so much fun and learning. Just need to look in the right places. Often the fun and learning comes free but we love a little rummage in secondhand shops. You didn't know that about me? Stick around!
These dear jigsaw puzzles came in a bundle and look like they've never been touched. Each letter and animal pops out. Perfect for a little man wanting to know what letter words start with.

Now, i am wondering if anyone can really understand my excitement about this find. My $2 wee ironing board. For doing sleeves or wee pieces of sewing when i don't want to set up the whole board. I couldn't find one new except for a horrificly priced one and here, voila...the very thing i went to rummage for. The thrifting goddess was smiling upon me.

Spotlight had these wee $2 bundles of fabric in their sale bin. Begging to be made into kids costumes and capes methinks.

Jed's purchase of the day. For his cooking.
This past seven days has been an absolute shocker for sleep. Back to nights of waking many many times, this time from nightmares or just plain old awake and grizzling (both of us). Patience if i was meant to be in touch or it's your birthday tommorrow and i haven't made your present yet. Ahem!

Even though we were awake from 4.30am yesterday i still dragged the small one into town to Crafternoon Tea. It was a wee bit like herding cats that might explode at any second, but i'm glad we cased Crafternoon Tea. I got to meet the lovely Angela of Mermaid's Purse in person (we are still talking about her beautiful strawberries) and some new crafty faces.

Rocking out to Band of Horses' Is there a ghost as i type - to keep me awake. It was either rock out or caffeine. It's 9pm NZ time. Even i have my limits.

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