Tuesday, March 2, 2010

summer critter antics

The days are heavy with the sound of cicada's making the most of the summer days. There are hundreds singing out there today. And that's just in our garden.

Little friend piwakawaka here. Or fantail. Native to NZ and just a delight to have around. This one has taken a shine to us and every evening sits on the treefern fronds nearest the window we are near and peeps at us. We could be projecting here but Jed thinks not. Even better, she flitters around eating mosquitos that like the bush around the house. If we go down to the garden she'll follow us down there. It's day five of her visiting. Jed will sit at the window and talk to her for ages. Right at dinner prep time. Blessing.

I have many like this one. This is what happens when i try and photograph her.

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