Thursday, March 4, 2010

vintage ipod covers and my etsy shop (finally)

It was the dadda's birthday not so very long ago. Finances are tight and he was working hard. He wasn't expecting anything special for his birthday and we blew that right out the water and went to town for him. All handcrafted, homebaked and surrounded by friends of course.

I dipped into my vintage fabric scrap box and came up with a few ideas for an i pod cover. One worthy of a muso. I really like the one i came up with. I am partial to any project that involves vintage fabric and vintage buttons. I am of the 'why buy it if you can make it' school of thought. It was drilled into me from a tender age and i hear it echoed in my sons world now too. There is more than enough stuff in the world already. I love the juxtaposition of the ultra modern whimsy of the ipod technology itself nestling into a blast from the past in its vintage fabric.

I honed the design as i went. Subsequent versions are more fitting.

The back features a loop for belt or to attach to your visor in the car.

Et voila, three more vintage i-pod covers. These ones are for sale. There were more, but folks dropping by fell in love with them and they went to good homes.
I will be posting these in my etsy shop tomorrow. Yes! Technophobe here has finally asked for help and my etsy shop now has a banner. Etsy seller name is Growmama....go on...check it out! It has a little of everything, with a little more to come. And now, if i can only wangle some time to promote it....
{oh, and about summer...go Knitting Iris for inspiring us to live in the moment and ride them for all they got! Do go chasing rainbows.}

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