Wednesday, April 21, 2010

celebrating the kid crafty

We have two magic boxes in our harry potter-like cupboard under the stairs. One is the craft box. The other box has six different kind of paints and various painting tools in it. The newest edition is non-toxic facepaint. Ignoring the question 'non-toxic by what definition?', we are enjoying this facepaint, although it has yet to make it onto Jed's face...he likes his belly painted. Or painting mine.
Out of the blue the other day, Jed decided to make a cushion. Where this idea came from i have no clue. He chose the two fabrics (cosy vintage flannel) and asked if it was okay if he used them. The next day he chose a cushion to recycle at a charity shop. That afternoon he helped cut the squares out, put pins in and operated the sewing machine foot peddle on a stool while sitting on my lap. The look on his face when we stuffed the inner into his cushion cover was magic. We're big on making nests and burrows around here and this cushion is now a key ingredient.

I love it when he heaves out the huge craft box and sets himself to creating. I get the occasional request to put out the craft tablecloth (a vintage plastic one - highly recommended for the dining/craft room table) or set up the paints. Multi-media is where it is at. Oh, and Glitter. (Notice that capital G?).

A Jed solo piece.
Penny Brownlee does amazing work as a kid advocate and her little book ' Magic Places - the adults guide to young childrens creative artwork' is on my list as a 'must read' for every parent. i own a copy for the pure purpose of lending it out. Its available through Playcentre NZ.
(Playcentre is NZ wide association providing parent run early education centres. Lots of space for wild and messy activities, safe exploration of the world and connections with others. Kinda what we do based at home but mix in twenty other kids...eek, i know!)

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