Wednesday, April 28, 2010

my secret denim fetish

I have a thing for denim. It rarely surfaces but every now and then i indulge it.
After getting tired of lending mine out, i made Jed's dadda a bag of his own. I used Heather Ross' weekend tote pattern from Weekend Sewing. I used a light denim with a super cool vintage cotton lining.
Can't recommend Heather's patterns enough, She-who-is-pathologically-discinclined-to-follow-patterns (yours truly) even follows her patterns. To the letter i might add.

Love that vintage print.

I had ten metres of that denim weighing on me. I wanted a simple denim skirt that i could douse in paint, roll down hillsides in or wander into town in. I used New Look 6710 and did View D. Real simple pattern that lends itself to tweaking. I didn't even tweak. I suspect i might be too chronically sleep deprived to tweak. Sigh! Really enjoy the pockets. Pockets seem to be essential since having a child.
Seven metres of denim to go...

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