Monday, April 19, 2010

orchard abundance

A snapshot of a corner of my kitchen. The fruit bowl overfloweth. Huge apple cucumbers to save for next year's seed, dried beans in a jar from the garden, tomato and basil sauce bottled from the garden, fresh parsley, feijoa's from a friends tree (our crop is sadly disastrous this year), red onions grown in oratia, pears and golden delicious apples from our local orchard and a tin of homebaked
What the photo doesn't show are the boxes of apples and pears waiting in a shady corner of my deck, waiting to be turned into applesauce, stewed apple, fruit crumbles, a tarte tatin, apple cake and just plain eaten. As Jed says, ' Mmmm, mmmmm, this pear is DELICIOUS, thank you tree".

The fruit were seconds, not a bruise in sight, just different sizes and shapes, $4 a box and freshly picked that morning. Jed got to ride on the cool old tractor that brought them in (the very same tractor the grandfather of the current orchardist used when he planted all the fruit trees in 1970), and after we hauled our load to the car we took a walk through the orchard to thank the trees in person. I wished i had my camera, those trees are ablaze with apples. Such a beautiful sight.

A bag of red onions, bags and bags of apples and pears and an avocado cost me $13. I felt a bit guilty. They are truly delicious fruit too. I feel very lucky that we have the opportunity to have that connection to our food. Good to eat, good for the pocket, and food for the soul.

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