Tuesday, April 6, 2010

season's turning

The clocks turned back an hour last weekend. Yup, the 5.30am wake up turned into yes, gulp, 4.30am. Sleep aside, i am loving this turning into autumn. That crisp early morning air. The burnished colours of the leaves. Thinking about building up the woodpile for the winter to come. Apples and pears from our local orchards. NZ oranges. My fingers in search of the brushed cottons, flannel for pjamas and my eyes drawn to the deeper rich colours in the fabric boxes. We are still sneaking in swims yet i can feel the busy pace of summer slowing.

Went to the Coatesville markets on Easter monday and very happy i did. What a lovely setting and right next to a gorgeous Windmill orchard where you can pick your own year round. They even provide the baskets. My kind of place.

The markets had pretty much everything. Delicious food and coffee, handcrafted goodness, wood working on site, even a mobile (and most delicious pizza oven). Something for everyone. Well worth a peruse if you are in the area. I’d like to have a Growmama stall at these monthly markets, let’s see if they’ll have me.
I met the lovely Suzan at her Made it Baby stall. Jed zeroed in on it like a pro. She had a rug with toys on it bless her. Perfect for tired wee people up past naptime. A sneak preview of Suzan and her crafting partner Amy's handiwork:

Suzan and Amy also run little kiwi's nest, a one stop shop for all things handcrafted for baby and child, up until age ten. Loveliness.

The small one's proud purchase of the day. A much treasured starfish placed with 'loving care' on his special table.

Hope your long weekend was a good one.

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