Monday, April 19, 2010

seven days, counting from now...

Remember the 'mama sack' ?
To the woman who asked me how on earth i managed to keep Jed so "beautifully dressed when clothes cost so much these days": The $2 vest is handknitted and new, picked up from a car boot sale i just happened to be passing. The yoga pants i made from a thrifted 50 cent t shirt that didnt fit me. The t shirt came out of the $1 racks at a local charity store.
I have to admit to being surprised at the question, i thought we kinda stood out as thriftily (if not strangely at times) dressed. There's enough stuff in the world without contributing to the demand by buying new (if i can help it), besides, i fall over with shock when i hear what folks pay for a pair of jeans sometimes. When someone says 'oh, i like your shirt', i'll say 'oh, thanks, it was $4' or whatever it was. A fairly reliable conversation stopper for many people. We sleep deprived find people skills a little challenging at times.

Take a few crazy days, add on a couple of days banished from the internet by the powers that rule the tech world, and combine with one chronically sleep deprived mama and you get...
...not much action on aforementioned mama's blog. Ahem.

Not for lack of thinking of you all. Nor for lack of material. Oh No on both of those counts. Life is colourful and exuberantly crafty 'round here and to share it with you I'm signing up for seven consecutive days of blogging...starting right now.

I love to give and know the value of a special heart-sent and handcrafted or vintage goodie appearing in the mailbox, so i will be giving a few treasures away this week.


  1. Your short absence was noted! And your return celebrated!

  2. aw shucks! i do wonder occasionally!