Sunday, April 4, 2010


Phew! The camera is back.
I missed it. Then i kind of enjoyed the break. Then i missed it again.

It's feijoa season! A long awaited moment around here. Posting this picture reminded me of the delicious feijoa cake recipe i posted last June. So...the wheels were slow to turn but, that must mean i have almost been blogging a full turn of the wheel. Yup, coming up to a year in June. Have to kick my heels up and celebrate. A give-away? Seven days of blogging to mark the milestone? A blog tour? Hmmm.

In the camera's absence you missed: the making of a rainbow of naturally coloured playdough, summer end swims, the cracks in our parched garden and the scraping of the bottom of our water tank, the raindancing, apple and berry crumble-top pie, my handmade business cards (i'll show you those one day soon), debates on climate change in the community, new fabric and crafting late into the night. You missed the fire engines, helicopters and police cars in the neighbourhood, the empanadas made from end of summer garden goodness, the most social outings i have managed in years, a bad run of sleep, new designs and the cinnamon chocolate bread i invented. It has not been dull.

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