Saturday, April 24, 2010

vintage genius

For the small person who loves to help the mama sew, this is pure genius. For someone who loves to rummage in the fabric scrap bin, and is learning to use proper scissors, just perfect. Made of sturdy wood, it should last a good few generations too.

We crashed into one of those big toy shops when we were in town the other day. We played with their huge trainset and the enormous wooden marble run. We played ball, tried out the bikes, and left happy, having bought an old fashioned bag of metal knucklebones. So much plastic landfill potential in there. And so many 'toys' seemingly designed as merchandise from TV shows. Which we don't watch, so their efforts were slightly wasted on us. Kinda crazy some of that stuff.

I just may be found, late at night, putting a few outfits together for this little fellow, all by myself....

[I haven't forgotten about the Plant Medicine can be yours, email me through the profile page - i'll post about it one day very soon]


  1. How cute! Where did you find it? Is it handmade? Looks like fun (for everyone!)

  2. Isn't it awesome!? I found it in a retro shop, pretty cheap. i have seen them (and coveted them) around before. They are made by a small NZ company called Shirdon Jigsaws, who are still operating but i am not sure if they make these anymore. Not even sure what to call them!

  3. Great finding, I always wanted to had one like that when I was little. Good thing that now I have a daughter so I can buy all the things I wanted or even better made them. Your blog have inspired me to sew again, I made two pouch slings for me and my husband. By the way I loved the trousers you made to Amon, they are really cute.