Saturday, May 22, 2010

making time

I like to leave the Sew Mama Sew giveaway blog post up until the end, easier for folks to find. I’m way too busy exploring new blogs anyway! Such a luxury in busy mama’ing days to spend time wandering online exploring new blogs and ideas. The giveaway is the perfect excuse. I hope you all found your own gifts in those three giveaway lists. Thanks Sew Mama Sew for hosting.

I asked commenters to say how they prioritize or juggle their lives to make time for crafting. I like the honest ones the best. It IS hard with wee ones to make the creative time for yourself.
I love the many comments about all those mama’s who craft alongside or with their children, many now watching them growing their own creative pursuits as they get older, having been inspired by the mama’s earlier on. Way to go mama’s.

For me, as mama of an almost three year old (going on 7), i can craft alongside jed as he ‘sews’ or ‘makes sump’ too. It’s not reliable. But most of the time we can get an hour or perhaps even stretch it to two hours a few times a week. Then i seize the moments during naptime and am found at my craft table after dark.

I found it almost impossible when he was tiny. I was in recovery from a birth i did not expect, with a babe that didn’t need nearly as much sleep as i did. For some some time, anything creative, apart from being mama, was put on a shelf. I admire other mama’s who craft on through having four children, herding ten goats while running a business and blogging, but ah, that wasn’t how i started out. I didn’t have community around me, or grandparents to step in to give that precious gift -sanity time.
I resonate now with the mama’s who said they were not the mother they wanted to be unless they had their time to craft, their creative time. This helps i think, with any guilt about taking time for yourself...our time to craft, sew, knit, make, create, feeds us in a way that has us be a happier, more balanced people.
After all, our children are learning from us. They are learning that the creative act is an important part of life. They learn, not from what we say, but how we say it and most of all, children learn from what we do.

GROWMAMA GIVEAWAY Muffin. I have your trousers and bib all ready to go. Contact me via the blog if you're reading...i can't access your email via your blog. Thanks everyone for entering. I went through and chose my twenty favourite comments and Jed chose the winner out of a hat. Fun!

Please excuse the shocking photo quality – peanut butter lens syndrome has struck the household again – i promise to remedy the situation before taking any more photos.

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