Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day

Mother’s day saw me up repeatedly in the night, with a burning hot then freezing cold wee fellow curled up into me. I was up at 5am. No support in sight and most definitely no Happy Mother’s Day sleep in, mama-time or breakfast in bed. You know what? I wouldn’t be anywhere else.

Mother’s Day and Father's Day are about the only conventional holidays i think worth celebrating in our consumerist culture. They are not religion based so can be embraced by all, their meaning is both clear and profound and the mama’s and papa’s of the world so need celebrating for the amazing work we do, every day, often invisibly. A few heartfelt words and a handcrafted gift...proof of the magic we get to witness up close and personal, and fuel for the hard yards ahead. Perhaps this calls for a blogland wide Mothers Day giveaway next year? Perhaps i can make it Jed and i's annual Mama Day tradition that we put an anonymous care package together for a mama who could do with a boost.

I have been reading a few blogs about wonderful Mother's days, or the sage words of appreciation for universal mama-kind and they're nice, but today i choose to share what is real for me and many others. I know i am not alone in my no mama' day sleep-in or not hearing precious heartfelt words about the wonderful job i do as mama. My thoughts go to you Mama’s, you know who you are. Honestly? I am constantly in awe of mamakind. I know of no other people that deserve dreams come to reality. Here’s to yours!

An aside: would you look at that shoe size? My boots are on the left, Jed's new pirate boots on the right. The woman in the shop thought he was starting school. Jed said 'Nooooo, i am only two'. She just about fell over. Would you believe that i am pretty small (in stature, most certainly not in spirit)?

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