Thursday, May 27, 2010

rainy day small house

A man at the end of the road got his house broken into and everything taken in the weekend. Undies, musical instruments, the works. Jed wanted to take him a chocolate berry muffin we baked and the last fresh feijoas off our trees 'to make him feel better'. So...we loaded up the trike and got all suited up for the rain and waited for a break in the deluge. Opening the door made it rain even harder.
Under the front door roof is sheltered and Jed discovered what the chain coming down from the guttering was for. "Ah, i know, it's to make waterfalls". It's a rustic downpipe. Much fun was had with the waterfall.

Then the raincoat went back on and while mama dashed back upstairs to squeeze in a little crafting Jed had a lovely time making salad dressing for the birds.

Which then got scraped into an old bucket he found and positioned under the drips from the chain downpipe and left 'as a experiment' to see how much rain fell.

By the time we got back from our journey a few hours, puddles, chats with neighbours, birdspotting, mud splatters and running races later...the bucket had overflowed and we were soaked to the skin, sparkle eyed and very happy.
I love how simple play takes shape and how, if you follow it's flow, it leads to magical places.

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