Sunday, June 20, 2010

crafting for zena and max

My friends Kim and John have a new delightful creature, whom they have named Zena Violet, into their whanau. Jed and i can't wait to meet her. In the meantime i posted down a wee welcome package. A kimono top made specially for her. I actually used a pattern. Yup! From Heather Ross' Weekend Sewing book. The very same one i borrowed from the library and then couldnt give it up and had to buy. Highly unusual behaviour i can tell you. (It is a very good book).

And this is the bundle of Zena yumminess modelling. Jed picked out the hat himself.

We popped in a pair of corduroy pants with vintage trim for big brother Max. Thinking they'd be good handme downs to young Zena one day too. They do actually fit him lengthwise, i just had to use this picture for that smile.
You are an amazing mama Kim.
Look forward to hanging with y'all one day.


  1. You're a wonderful seamtress and momma! Thanks for the handmade vintage style clothes - love 'em. he he - Max is in danger of blending in with our curtains with them on, great for him for hide and seek. I plan to use the kimono as doll's clothes when she's older too I think. Cheers. Jed & you are lucky souls to have each other, and you're both such an inspiration to us.

  2. oh this is just beautiful. love a kimono for a baby, and gorgeous fabrics.

  3. Wow, this kimono top is SO adorable!!!! Wonder whether boys could also wear something like that .... But guess it's rather a girl thing, isn't it?

  4. thanks for the feedback folks, it's a great pattern, try it! Great way to use those wonderful pieces in your scrap piles. Just wondering whether i could get away with wearing one...he he