Tuesday, June 29, 2010

learning to craft with small child afoot

Wait a minute, isn't there something wrong with this picture? Why, yes...that would be because my much loved vintage cotton fabric that i have been saving for just the right project, has a stinking great hole in the middle of it. Hmm. Jed asked for the scissors and when asked what for, he replied that he was going to cut some paper. I turned around to this. I had just taken it out of my stash to use it. Sigh. I was gutted. It took me a few minutes to string a coherent sentence together, while jed said, 'oh, i am so sorry mama'. A high class problem really.
Once recovered i realised that i can't remember anything else destructive he has done like that...pretty good stats for a soon-to-be three year old!

A new stash addition.

Two mama projects on the cutting table. Stay tuned.

I just finished hemming a Wendy blouse i made out of this vintage fabric. A poor substitute for the doomed aforesaid jed-holed vintage piece but so so soft and springlike floaty. A little bit of spring vibes in the middle of winter.

We whipped these up this morning. Jed has announced that he will only wear super soft and comfortable trousers and it looks like he's sticking to it. These are a big hit. There will be more, both for Jed and to sell. Next generation i am thinking , trees, birds and more carbon friendly modes of transport.

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