Saturday, June 12, 2010

make it, wear it

I have been a bit twitchy lately. Wanting to get out and about, make it to a regular 5 Rhythym's dance session, yoga and just plain hang with friends and deepen some sweet friendships that have been simmering along on those fragments of conversation you get with small children present. And yes, i am quite possibly a bit run-down. A bit off balance and needing to factor in some mama-time into the family mix. While i gather myself anew and structure in some mama-time (and get the small one back to settling himself to sleep) i am sewing a bit for myself. As a way to nurture myself and as therapy. Because that is what i do. In lieu of those long walks alone.
This one is in vintage navy blue linen. I have been wanting to try Built by Wendy's Simplicity 3835 pattern. It is true. Easy to use and versatile, it's a keeper. I did View C but with View B's sleeves. My plan is to embroider this in these long winter nights.
Whipped up in no time. I modelled it on a favourite skirt that is falling apart from so much wear. Excuse the creases, i had to take it off to photograph it. Very good for changing body shapes this one.

And great for layering.

An experiment in progress. A prototype dress pattern. I am really not sure about it. We will see.
Even though this is a time of cutting back on projects i would like to be doing, (most wonderfully and notably Deb over at Works In Progress's vintage sheet quilting bee) i was inspired by Sew Mama Sew's 'Make it, Wear it' challenge to sew some for myself. I am carving time out when i would possibly be better off going to sleep but i'm not. And i am glad. Quiet creative time at my craft table on rainy winter days, helped by my trusty assistant Jed. Nice. Very very nice.

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