Monday, June 7, 2010


Jed has a little part of his library where he keeps his 'instructions' and magazines. 'Instructions' are books he/we have made with Jed's writing and drawings in them that 'tell stories of learning how to put out fires and other things people need to know'. A favourite 'magazine' for both of us is the catalogue of the small family run company, Nova Natural Toys and Crafts. Magical pictures and beautiful Steiner-esque creations to buy. Just browsing the catalogue is good for the soul.
I am not the only one inspired to blog about it i see. I just ran a search and came up with a handful others besotted and raving. Nova is US based. I don't know of another similar here in NZ. Email me if you do.

If buying new, it is a good feeling to support good people.

Either that, or handmade of course!

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