Tuesday, June 1, 2010

rainy day shenanigans

At the second hand store awhile back we found a set of Dorling Kindersley 'Lets Explore Science' books by David Evans and Claudette Williams. They cover everything from weather, to water exploration, music and sound, light...all sorts of ideas about exploring our world. Full of experiments you can easily do at home with pictures of kids wearing unfortunate eighties clothes but pretty cool nonetheless. Jed loves them. It's kind of what we do anyway just in the course of the day but sometimes, on an uninspired, chronically tired or rainy day it's nice to have a book to make suggestions...

Do you know what happens when you mix baking powder with vinegar?
I love those intrepid adventure scarred and smeared two year old hands.

Okay, so it rains alot around here. Temperate rainforest y'know. I was overseas for sixteen years, i had forgotten how soggy this time of year can be. Bring on the experiments, cooking, crafting, reading and smooching i say.

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