Tuesday, June 22, 2010

stick nest for chick

It began with a book we bought on a boy's recommendation at the local car boot sale. The Lilly Pilly Tree. About two young children who take sticks and rope up a tree to make a nest. Then Mick Inkpen's Kipper compendium had a stick nest in it. We got to talking and being pretty excited about our new glue gun, collected sticks over our weeks adventures. We dried them by the fire and seized the moment one rainy afternoon.
Stick nest was born. Little chick came out of her farmyard to take possession of her cosy new home. She fits perfectly.

We went for a special walk up our road to find things that would be good to line the nest with. Jed chose feathery pampas grass (yes, i know its a pest here in NZ!) and flower petals. Lucky little chick. Later that night i found him in bed, fast asleep, with little chick snugged in close and his little hand on his stick nest.

This is Jed setting off on the collecting journey to find suitable lining for the nest. For some reason he has always loved my bike helmet...and deemed it necessary to wear on this walk, with his mama-made collecting bag. Worn not just anyhow....

...it has to be worn LIKE THIS.
So funny, these smaller people...what goes through those heads?! I LOVE it. And confess, i will be sad the day he wears that bike helmet as it should be.

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  1. wow sista, he looks like such a boy in this picture...no trace of a toddler in sight! i know you see this transformation daily and it has probably been an age but it's so apparent in this pic. he looks ready to start school and i don't mean on size but on maturity! xxx