Saturday, July 17, 2010

big tree

I can't remember the last time i climbed a big tree.
I had forgotten how good it felt.
Welcoming me to the magical world of tree.

I love this photo. Not because it is aesthetically pleasing but because it brings back that moment for me. We were headed to the playground with friends on a trip into town. But who needs a playground when you have a magical wonderland of a huge tree with caves and windows, with fires to be built/sticks to be gathered and whole worlds to be found within? And an Ava Bean to marvel with?

Let this be a lesson to me: when i blog about getting enough sleep the following night is a shocker. How can he look so chipper and me so puffy eyed?! The difference is the previous seven nights i actually got enough sleep (i am doing it again...) so though i was tempted to cancel the days plan to adventure into town, we pulled it off. I am glad we did. This day shall also go down in history as the day i told Jed the story of Robin Hood. He he.
That shirt (the one that used to be a curtain back in the fifties?), i made it ten days ago, worn perhaps 5 times. Loving it. Stains and all.

Thank you my lovely one, for reminding me how important it is to climb trees.

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