Monday, July 5, 2010

One rainy weekend afternoon...

...i went a little crazy diving into my fabric scrap bin.

Jed was sticking to his refusal to wear anything but the softest comfiest clothes. No jeans. No store bought cords. Any attempts at negotiation on my part elicited sqwawking and 'No Mama, you need to respect my boundaries here'. Fair enough. But what to do? Bit cold for nude dudes here at the moment.

The solution was two fold.
First, i reckon clothes and food are two common areas where kids exert control, especially at this age. Food we have no problem with and clothes? Well, really i think soft and comfy is just fine. Mostly how i dress anyhow. I let go, in other words. Put to rest all those beautiful thrifted goodies and said he was in control, of course. How not. It is his body and he knows what feels best.
Second, Happily, Mama-made trousers made the cut and are worn almost exclusively.
So, i asked Jed to choose his fabrics and craftily trying to get him to form a bond with his trousers, i made another pair of lounge pants and appliqued them with a rocket. The widelegged soft vintage corduroy ones i added pockets and a tree, 'in autumn with its leaves starting to fall' as requested.

Success! Super soft, comfy and alot of fun, both in the making and the wearing.


  1. Anissa, those pants are amazing. What a clever woman you are!

  2. hey! i am pleased with these ones and jed loves them - now, if i can just get a few more made and that market stall a regular happening...jed slept through the night for the third time (am i counting?!) lately so i just may have the energy to take on the world again. xxx

  3. Nice one, Jed :-) We had almost a week of it, then we went away two weekends in a row and we are still trying to reclaim full-night sleeps. Probably get him sorted right before the next one comes!