Monday, July 26, 2010

Winter happy, winter sad

Not that life is this black and white but today it seems to fall into two camps:

-is winter salad from the farmers market and homemade leek, potato and feta tarte
- Listening to Edith Piaf and the Arctic Monkeys (not together!)
- is finding vintage belt buckles (the staff discount is a bonus)
-Hospice’s Craft Out West event and the gorgeousness i dragged home with me
- Stephanie Dowrick’s tome: Choosing Happiness. Lent to me by a friend and it is perfectly what i need at the moment.
- adventures in the rain and sea spray
- is an overflowing fabric stash
- is dancing wild in the living room (Arctic Monkeys)
and plotting birthday celebrations

-is someone close to us losing their already much loved son and brother at 19 weeks ...just an awful awful thing to happen. (most else seems to pale into insignificance to this one)
-a recurrent domestic violence situation a few doors down
- doing much work on holding my centre/ staying grounded to not letting someone else’s chronic negativity and issues bring me down. Less than gracefully today.
- NZ governments plans to oil drill, grrr.

So much beauty in the world, so much. In each moment. I say to myself, ‘this too shall pass’.
I remember to stop and breathe deeply. Remember my gratitude for even the smallest of things. Sometimes it is the small things that make a day, a world anew.

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