Friday, August 6, 2010

beauty that moves

Some words i need to keep in mind arrived in the post this week. In artform, courtesy of Heather from the blog, Beauty that Moves. Heather's is one of a handful of blogs i follow. Back in April she gave away several of these stunning prints and i was one of the winners. I felt so blessed. Things were starting to shift for me back then and winning seemed like one of those big neon signs Life sends sometimes to cheer you on and say, YES! More! Keep going, you're doing great.

But then it didn't arrive and didn't arrive. Hmmm. Months of not arriving. My heart drooped, but i hoped someone who appreciate it, no, needed it, had somehow received it.

A few days ago, when i least expected it, there it was. From the USA to my wee village by the wild west coast sea. Ahhh.

I fear my camera does not do it justice. I am looking out for the right frame for it. Its home is above my craft/writing table in my room. Perfect. Thank you.

Those of you who have not seen the world through Heather's eyes are in for a treat. Go see.

On this path no effort is wasted.

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