Tuesday, August 31, 2010

I kraftbombed, finally

The last Sunday of every month brings Aucklanders Kraftbomb. If in town, stop by the Grey Lynn Community Centre and check it out. You'll be glad. It's a craft market with a spicey twist. Full of crafty goodness to buy, ogle, sneakily fondle or eat.
Certainly worth the drive through driving rain from the West coast. I'll see you there, it just may prove to be addictive. Nice wee scene.

I met the lovely Ellie, the woman behind NZ's magazine for the creative set, Extracurricular. If you are a retail bod, you must contact her about stocking the magazine immediately. It is essential reading and will up your kudos in the neighbourhood.

These are some of Ellie's prints. Deliciousness. She has a print that begs to be given to mama's and papa's of newborn babes. "These are the days of miracle and wonder". I'm just sayin'. Find them in her shop here.

I also had the pleasure of meeting Heleen from Ruby in the Dust. I have been selling her work alongside my own at Lets Go Retro for awhile but i hadn't seen her purses and just loved them. And, if I weren't making my own gifts these days i would be reaching for her journals made from old Golden books every time. Upcycling, i love it.
There is such talent about and it was great to meet some of the people behind the work.
Part of the joy of going to craft markets, or any creative/art event really, is the inspiration. I walk away buzzing with energy and ideas.

Next Kraftbomb Sunday 26th September. Who knows, maybe they'll even let me sell there one of these fine days!

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