Saturday, August 28, 2010


This small person likes mixing. Wants to know what happens when crackers get soaked in water, what mixing vinegar and sugar will taste like...there are often experiments and 'soups' left in pots.
The other day Jed asked if it was okay if he used ingredients from the baking drawer. He was clear about what he needed and lined them all up on the bench. Busy with something else, i helped him pour quantities of each into small bowls, ready to go. He chose his mixing bowl and preferred wooden spoon and got to work. By the time i got back to him, he'd been raiding the fridge for 'extra goodness' and wanted to bake it. It looked like surprisingly like cake batter so i suggested we add a beaten egg, and we poured it into a cake tin.

This is what came out! Jed's face when he saw how it had risen and looked 'just like a real cake' was loveliness.
Much ceremony was made of morning tea and dang, if that cake wasn't the best i have tasted for a long time! Moist, light, delicious dance of flavours....really exceptional. All who were honoured enough to taste it agreed. On further questioning the magic ingredients were revealed to be white chocolate chips, berries, grannie's homemade marmalade, yogurt and vanilla essence. I'm all for trying that one again.

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