Friday, August 20, 2010

natural dye

A fresh batch of playdough. Still steaming hot.

The pink is fairy styles: we used berry tea bags with hibiscus for the this colour. Gold glitter adds to the magic. It smells divine which could prove problematic if you have a playdough eater on your hands.
The yellow is from white onion skins and tumeric.
Jed made batches for his friends too. Made with love, that boy is getting handier in the kitchen by the day.

We raided the dining table centrepiece and Jed's nature table to see what prints could be made.

Then all creative stops were pulled and a mountain of a project emerged. Reminder to mama: provide the requested craft gear and then step back! Or do my own thing alongside.
These are good rainy winter days. How are yours?

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  1. Hi there you two lovelies. We made playdough at our place today too. Sofia wanted purple. Although ours was made with regular old dye, nothing lovely and natural like you (great idea). Hope you are good.