Monday, August 16, 2010


I just procrastinated and it was great.

Ignoring the wish list of things to do in front of me (oh yes indeedy, i am a list person) i took a quick peek at Facebook. And remembered why i like it. I lived sixteen years away from NZ, in more than than ten countries. Many of those years in intentional community, engaged in eco/social justice work and meeting many amazing people giving talks and my series of workshops. Facebook is one way for me to stay in touch with the tribe of people i call friends, some very dear to me. Miles melt away when a beautiful spirit you haven’t seen for a few years pops up unexpectedly for a chat. A big hello to Sangeetha, Rajeev and little Isha in Chennai!

Amid all the rain, there was sunshine today. I feel the first tweaks of spring in the air, even though i know we are still in winter, it has turned...the sunsets are getting later, the daffodils and jonquils are flowering , my heart is full of hope, the old brain aflutter with new ideas and i have more energy. Which is good, as i have many blog posts here waiting to make it onto the screen.

A reminder to myself. I often wonder if anyone stumbles across my wee messages on the beach. They are meant for myself and the incoming tide but i am willing to share...

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