Tuesday, August 10, 2010

a small peek into a big day

The small one is now three.
He was very clear about what he wanted his birthday to look like. Who he wanted there ("not a crowd but my special people and a goat"), what he wanted to do ("games, mama you manage that part"), and what kind of cake he wanted ("a butterfly...and can there be chocolate and berries in there?").

Every birthday we have a tradition that when Jed comes down stairs, his corner is tranformed into something special. First year it was a fairy grotto, second year it was the house, this year it was a shop. I stumbled across it on trademe, a second hand gem if ever there was one. Jed has been setting up shops for months...a vintage fabric shop (whose his mama?!), an orchard shop, a second hand shop and was just stoked to find this one to be his very own. It came with German vintage cash register, scales that work, oldfashioned telephone and a stash of the old cornets or twists that sweets or nuts used to get handed out in. Sheesh, lucky kid!

He is a very conscientious shopkeeper. If i am missing anything from the pantry i know precisely where to look too. (An unexpected bonus!) I like that there has to be fresh spring flowers in his shop.

I couldn't figure out how to get a goat to his party so the day after we ventured to a local farm he loves. Hours were spent cuddling rabbits and he was the only one wanting to ride in the rain. He rode and rode and rode until the guy tempted him back inside for more rabbit action. And not just the wee kiddy ponies, oh no...the biggest dude on the ranch had to be saddled up. I love that.

There's been a fair bit of crafting happening - Jed's been really into dressing up lately so i whipped up this cape for his birthday. He chose the fabric himself. Magical.

Has it really been three years since my life was so deliciously transformed and turned on it's head?! What an incredible journey.


  1. What an awesome day you gave him. Such a lucky boy to have such a crafty mum. Happy birthday little Jed :-)

  2. So wonderful Jed's shop! Amazing.
    Sofia would love to play shop there with him.

    Congratulations on that marvellous milestone. Three is wonderful and Jed is even more wonderful than most!