Tuesday, August 24, 2010

vintage spring

Freesias will always be the herald of spring to me. The smell takes me back to whole days of freeplay outdoors in my garden as a child. Flowers hand picked by us give me great simple joy.

The op shop/ thrift shop gods and goddesses have been smiling on us lately. This mouli came home. It has slicing, grating, mincing and pureeing functions. All work beautifully. For $7.

Jed unearthed a vintage pile of books. Shops are topical around here and this wee character Pookie is wonderful fun. I found out that it's worth $100 or more. The look on jed's face when you read it to him is worth a lot more i reckon.

Just loving the pictures. Pixie hats are popular with both Mama and Jed.

And this wee gem:
Enid Gilchrist's Pinnies and Things. A magazine jam packed with things to make, complete with patterns. Some i deem to be hideous, some beg to be made and some strangely resemble things i have designed myself...what that says about my design aesthetic i am not sure!
The craft table is running hot.
My journal filling with revelation.
The garden stirring from it's winter rest.
The lawn sodden from all this rain (ugh).
I spotted a paddock full of lambs, all skippy.
The birds are dancing. "Mama, why is that bird wiggling it's bum in front of the other bird?"
The ideas are coming thick and fast.
Busy sorting, cleaning, clearing out the old and making room for the new.
The local womenfolk were out late and tail feathers were a shakin'.
Finding it hard to sit and meditate, all jumpy and want to do, do, do.
And those beautiful freesia's are on the dining table...
Must be.


  1. My first NZ cat's name was Pooky (you know, Garfield's teddy bear)

  2. Ooh $7! What a bargain! I am going to be on the lookout for some too. They are magic! Great blog by the way, I am following it now and looking forward to seeing more :)