Sunday, September 19, 2010

beach therapy

Nothing like a little fresh sea air and sand play to shift any grumpiness....

New Zealand has been truly buffeted by some super strong storms lately. We were without power most of the weekend and even now are still on generators as they try and fix the problem. It made me think of the folks in Christchurch and what they've been going through post earthquake, and those in the South Island living with unprecedented snowfall.
As always after a powercut (which happens fairly often out here), i am left humbled by the forces of Nature. I am grateful we rely on rainwater and septic tanks. I am grateful we have a wood fire and a gas hob for emergencies. Grateful too, for the sense of adventure, magic and peace (the house is so very quiet with out the humming of electricity i realised) the power cut gave us. I am left reflecting on how frail the infrastructure on which we base our lives is in the face of Nature.
My imagination runs to how different life would be if we had no main grid of electricity to draw from.
Oh, and grateful too for the wild and wacky clothes combinations that a three year old dressing himself comes up with!

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