Tuesday, September 7, 2010

from sea to mountain

Okay, so this wasn't the scene in our soggy west coast rainforest back yard. We took a much needed change of scene and headed south.
I peeked outside at 6am to see a fresh dump of snow. We were very lucky, it rarely snows this far down in the National Park. The look on Jed's face was priceless. We were out there, rugged up, in a flash.

We headed up to Whakapapa later that morning. Blue blue skies and powder snow. Made a very welcome change from the grey skies and rain we've been having on the West Coast i can tell you!

Tobogganing, skiiing (involves all the right moves, with ski poles and very long imaginary skis), snowball fights, building, eating icicles, digging for treasure, making mountains, narrowly saving small people from certain injury from out of control toboggans, learning about yellow snow...

...and i am still amazed i managed to get so many clothes on him. This is someone whose superhero name is The Pantless Wonder.

I didn’t even hear about the earthquake in Christchurch til late on Sunday, terrible news. Aftershocks are still coming. Thanks for all the concern from overseas but we are fine, well out of the way here. Thinking of you Kim and John with your very little ones.

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