Friday, September 24, 2010

sneak peek

What's on the crafting table? Here's a sneak peek.
There are usually a pile of projects cut out and waiting to be sewn/made.
These appliques are in various stages of becoming trousers for the market stall or etsy store.

My sewing machine and laptop share the craft table space. I often feel torn between the two machines. I think less computer more sewing is required in the little time i do have. I don't like modelling being in front of a screen alot to Jed. That's been slipping lately. He was probably two before he saw me writing on keyboard. No mean feat for an avid writer with a little-sleeping dependant. I do like him to be part of the sewing process though it is a long journey to learning how to create in small sneaky snatches of time. You know, rather than those long meandering weekend afternoons that run into the night that crafty childless folks casually drop into conversation. Ahem.

What i am going to try is to grab long moments and stretch them out more. For no other reason than to sit with whatever comes up, meditation style. Far too much attachment to do, do doing around here lately. And, i will try my darndest not to feel guilty about sitting silent and still. Yes!

This yumminess has been fueling the crafting.
You think i am some kind of supermama for whipping these up in no time flat? Try it yourself before you think again. Mine are not art. In fact, this plate is particularly messy, but it did the trick. Sushi is super easy super healthy food fast. One of Jed's favourite foods. Takes a bit of preparation (i have been known to keep a container of sushi rice in the fridge) but once you have the technique down you can whip them out in doubletime.


  1. Lovely appliques, I especially love the tree. I know how you feel. Trying to squeeze as much crafting as possible into a busy toddler filled day can sometimes seem a impossible. The sushi looks delicious, I have everything to make but never seem to get there, you have inspired me :)

  2. what a great idea to keep some sushi rice in the fridge! I make sushi all the time, both my children love it, but I had never thought of having some rice ready to go, thanks.

  3. thank you for your comments louana and rebecca, i love the tree applique and sushi too. The sushi rice ready to go in the fridge was a new idea debuted last week and the next round is on the stove...was so easy, you know, when you get back from adventures with hungry tired people and havent got dinner to come home to.