Wednesday, September 15, 2010

the theatre

We have been talking about making a puppet theatre for awhile. Jed's uncle Alex gave him a cardboard box that was the ideal size and strength for the project and it had been sitting under the stairs waiting for a rainy day. We have plenty of those so...
...we used a penknife to cut a rectangle for the front stage and door for backstage.
Jed chose the colours he wanted it to be and we learnt how to make a brilliant turquoise. A lot of blue, some white and a large dash of green. Jed's favourite colour at the moment.

Great fun was had painting and after our rest (a daily ritual) we got out the fabric Jed had chosen from the fabric shop bargain bin for his stage curtains. Turquoise! I dug out some bright orange vintage heavyweight linen for the back. We sewed the curtains and found some old velvet strips to use to tie the curtains back. Once the show had started, of course.

The first show was unplanned and a little sedate (above) but the pace soon picked up...

One cardboard box, a little paint, a little fabric, a little creativity, a little time = much fun.


  1. What a fab idea! I will have to do this with my littlies as we have some great puppets that my daughter loves - why did I not think of this !? xxlove your blog

  2. to see pics of your theatre! Now the crafting requests are: tree, tractor and frog puppets...gulp! x