Tuesday, September 28, 2010

vintage sheet quilting bee love

Just look what is possible to create with vintage sheets, some love and a sewing machine!
These are the quilt squares i have received so far as part of Deb from Works in Progress's Vintage Sheet Quilting Bee. As an utter quilting newbie, i am in absolute awe of these ladies skills. (My first attempt at quilting can be seen here. ) I love the colour and pattern combinations and seeing what squares are possible to create is just blowing my mind.




Can you just imagine what this is going to look like as a complete quilt? Sigh (of happiness).
Thank you so much lovely women for your work, it is suitably admired and adored here! Please excuse the creases, my iron has gone on holiday. Now, if i can only get myself onto our flickr group a bit more often...ahem. I am afraid my thoughts are with you more than my actual words/images are, but then ask those i love dearly...i can take months to reply fully to an email these days. Time. Hmpf. These are full days.


  1. Anissa - You are going to have a most LOVELY quilt! I love the pink/yellow combos. :) I should post about the ones I've gotten back already too. Why have I been lazy about that? They are gorgeous!

  2. i know, i know...i feel quite blessed, believe me!
    i kept meaning to post them for ages...i reckon when you do it, it will be the right time. (takes the heat off you too)
    looking fwd to seeing yours too