Tuesday, October 26, 2010

boxes from france

Three boxes arrived. I packed them ten years ago. They have been kindly stored, five stories up, in a friends attic. My whole (material) life in St Laurent de Cerdans in the French Pyrenees distilled down into these boxes. It had taken me this long to get the money together to get them shipped. A huge thank you to Barbara and Hernan for keeping my treasures safe. I wasn't sure what i would find after this long in storage. Temperatures in that attic go from minus fifteen celsius, to high forties in the summer. I had the lists i had made of the contents but nothing prepared me for the opening of them. Memories poured out. I loved my mountains, my tribe around me and my animals. It was a sad leaving, although it was time.
And so, i bring you, some blasts from the past:
Beautiful is too light a word for this hand embroidered piano stool cover. I just love it. All those hours and hours of work, the colours just sing.

The 'menu' from one of my ventures, selling herbs and natural healing and pamper products.

Two enormous handwoven pure wool blankets, one crocheted and currently making me happy on my bed. This china set was given to me by my dear nana when i was a wee girl.

I am not sure where this cup came from, but i do not remember a time when i did not have it.

A folder full of recipes and preserving methods collected from my sixteen years of life living away from New Zealand. Creme Catalan, yum.

Books i could not be parted from. My treasured tomes, thesaurus and oxford dictionary. Photos, journals and art books, letters, hand woven fabric, shoes, a few pieces of clothing, sculpture and artworks. It is the first time all my 'things' have been in one place for twenty years. Am i here to stay? Gulp! Has the gypsy landed? Seems so.

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