Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Ha! I found a way to resurrect that favourite piece of vintage fabric that got sabotaged by a certain someone.(click here)
I managed to lay the pattern pieces in a such a way that i got a new shirt out of it afterall. I felt just a little pleased with myself. I used my old favourite pattern Simplicity 3835. A Built by Wendy pattern that does shirts, tunic and dress. I used the dress sleeves on the shirt body.

There wasn't enough for the entire shirt with my coveted vintage fabric so i used a lightweight navy blue vintage linen (i have metres and metres of the wonderful stuff, given or thrifted - i just know i didnt pay for it). I like the result. It breaks up the busyness of the floral and gives it a modern kind of raglan sleeve look with the contrast.
Now, i have to admit, that spring has once again disappeared from view and we are back to lighting the fire (WHO exactly is questioning climate change i ask you?), so i haven't actually worn the shirt for more than five minutes but i fully intend to the first chance i get. Oh yes! A little sneaky crafting for the mama. It was cut out and sitting on my craft table for a dastardly long time and it jumped the crafting queue, over market sewing and article writing and piles of washing and tending to small boys with head colds that refuse to go away... for shame..he he.

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