Sunday, October 31, 2010

up time and down time

It's been a beautifully crowded ten days. 'Up time'. Going, doing, seeing. Sunshine. Friends. Long weekend. Family. Deadlines. Two markets. Much crafting. (More on that shortly)Two special birthdays. Adventures galore. The first swim of the season. Did i mention the sunshine?

It's not as 'nature boy' as you think. The digger is just out of the frame!
This is no ordinary box. It is a surf lifesaver boat. Jed was so tired he spent an hour in this boat the other night. He is very good at finding his downtime when he needs it.

He'll be in the thick of a party...then i'll find him in a quiet corner tucked away from all the ruckus, reading a book. Or our favourite, sitting and having a think.


  1. I adore this photo of your little guy in quiet contemplation. How wonderful.