Thursday, October 7, 2010

vintage fun and games

I spotted this game at the op shop and the memories came flooding back. My sister and i played and played this game and its wonderful to be sharing it with Jed. Good motor skills in fitting the pieces together and great fun flicking the spinner. The idea is to make the longest caterpillar, but we just make the grooviest looking one.

This little box of treasure came home with us too. Theres the usual black and white dots domino style on the reverse of the animals.

Okay, so i wouldn't call this strictly vintage but it's a great box of fun. There are about eight different games to play, more if you have a fertile imagination, which we do.

This frame holds four different puzzles to put together, pretty wild designs too. I am so grateful for these op shop visits that yield such rich treasure.
This gathering of games is part of what got us through the last incredibly stormy soggy few months in a very small house.
But now, the sun is shining again, legs are bare, this insidious snotty head cold is beginning to recede, we've spent the morning spring cleaning and weeding the herb garden and we are heading down to the beach. Just as soon as i am done battling a sense of guilt at heading to the beach next. You know, instead of writing or's that work play balance thing. A high class problem.


  1. What happened to the natural parenting articles link? I forgot to keep it. Can you give it to me please. Thanks,

  2. Hey I had that same caterpillar game and I remember really long caterpillars being made by my sister and I. I loved it too! What great finds.