Monday, November 8, 2010

about those pixie costumes

Here's a sneak preview. I love how putting it on puts a spring in Jed's step and an adventure on his mind.
I made four pixie/elven tunics and nine hats for J's dance class' end of year 'show' in our community hall. After i stopped berating myself for offering to make them when i have all this market sewing to do, i really enjoyed it. I have to admit that i did search for any storebought costumes that might've worked but there is precious little in the way of groovy dress ups out there for boys. Other than what i think are TV/movie or characters.

I had some basic ideas myself, dug into my fabric stash for the red fleece and fossicked around the local shops for the cotton jersey and bells then i headed for blogworld to see if there were any patterns on offer. There was. Hoorah for bloggers! That saved me a good chunk of time nutting it out.

I used the basic idea for the peter pan costume by Make it and Love it. I added the neckline details and the belt and changed it slightly to work for older boys. And the free elf hat pattern from I sewed a bell on the end. Really loving that hat.

It's been road tested for dancing comfort...

...and got the beaming smile of approval.

See, it'll do nicely for Peter Pan or Robin Hood as well as elves and pixies.


  1. This is just so cute, it could be worn by a little boy as a ballet costume or just for dressing up, I love it! its so sweet!

    1. thanks fiona, this version has gotten so much wear and is a much loved outfit for sure! x

  2. Do you sell the outfit, the hat and top?

    1. Hi there, i have had so many requests that i have a bunch cut out and i will list them in my felt shop (See link above and to the right) once i have them sewn. x