Friday, November 5, 2010

gecko visit

Look at what we found on our deck! We often see or hear skinks running for cover but i have never seen a gecko in all my bushroaming days. They used to be plentiful. Cats, rats and stoatlike critters have changed all that.

Scaling the deck walls to retrieve a ball that was stuck in a tree, i just about stepped on this gecko. We were very excited to see him, at home no less! From nose to tail it would have been about 30 cms long. It was so into basking the sun (there hadn’t been much of that around) it sat there impervious to us ogling it and only moved on when it started raining.

I sense a 7 days of blogging approaching. I have been a shocker keeping up with the blog as life gets summer busyness and emotional overload struck. (And bad at staying connected with far away friends, ahem). I have re-jigged my week so i have a structured time to blog now. Revelation! There is so much good stuff to share with you.

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